Blooket for Remote Learning: Keeping Students Engaged During Virtual Classes

The rise of remote learning has posed challenges for keeping students motivated and connected. Blooket provides an excellent solution with its fun, interactive games that bring energy to virtual classrooms. This guide explores how teachers can leverage Blooket to drive engagement during remote instruction.

Blooket for Remote Learning: Keeping Students Engaged During Virtual Classes

Benefits of Using Blooket for Remote Learning

Blooket offers many advantages for virtual teaching:

  • Games make learning at home more fun and interactive
  • Multiplayer modes build connections between remote students
  • Friendly competition creates student involvement
  • Visual themes and avatars boost engagement
  • Challenging games avoid boredom or distractions
  • Instant feedback improves comprehension
  • Can be accessed easily by students at home
  • Provides data on participation and progress to identify issues
  • Aligns with asynchronous learning as a supplemental activity

Blooket’s game-based learning approach translates seamlessly online to captivate remote students.

Best Practices for Remote Learning Integration

Follow these best practices when using Blooket remotely:

Offer Clear Instructions

Provide clear guidance to students and parents on how to access and navigate Blooket from home. Create how-to guides if needed.

Align Games to Current Topics

Link Blooket games directly to what you are covering remotely at that time for relevance.

Show Your Own Enthusiasm

Express genuine excitement about assigned games to get students hyped up. Share fun memes or clips related to the game themes.

Multiplayer Mode

Leverage Blooket’s live streaming for remote multiplayer so students feel connected with peers.

Monitor Participation and Progress

Review data reports in the teacher dashboard to identify students struggling or not engaging. Follow up with them.

Incentivize Learning

Offer prizes or rewards for top performers on certain games to motivate participation.

Gather Feedback

Ask students for input on what games they like best and want more of to refine your approach.

Support Parents

Proactively communicate with parents on how Blooket works and share resources to help them support learning.

Troubleshoot Issues

Help resolve any tech issues students face accessing or playing games from home devices.

Targeted integration tailored to remote environments amplifies the platform’s impact online.

Creative Ways to Use Blooket Remotely

Beyond core instruction, creative ways to leverage Blooket remotely include:

Icebreaker Games

Incorporate multiplayer games at the start of classes to foster social connections.

Virtual Game Shows

Transform Blooket into a gameshow event with music, wacky hosts, and celebrations of high scorers to createfanfare.

Remote Game Tournaments

Host class or grade-wide Blooket tournaments with brackets, commentators, and prizes to buildfriendly competition.

Asynchronous Learning

In self-paced environments, assign Blooket games on certain topics for students to complete independently.

Test Prep

Assign sets of games reviewing past material to prepare students for high-stakes standardized testing in a more engaging format.

Family Game Nights

Suggest students play assigned games at home collaboratively with family members for extra fun ways to review.

With creativity, Blooket’s versatility shines through for remote instruction.

Maximizing Engagement for Younger Students

For primary grade levels, best practices to maximize engagement include:

  • Assigning quick 5-minute games to match young attention spans
  • Choosing games with animated avatars, characters, and sounds young learners love
  • Spotlighting and praising students who achieve learning milestones
  • Tracking top scorers on leaderboards over time to drive friendly competition
  • Collaborating with parents and sharing guide resources to support learning
  • Providing online incentives like digital badges or classroom currency to motivate participation
  • Following up with students struggling to complete games to identify issues
  • Recording short video introductions to model enthusiasm and share tips before assigned games

Catering Blooket integration to younger ages yields optimal results.


Blooket provides a stellar solution for amplifying student engagement, interactivity, and learning during remote instruction.

By following best practices like multiplayer modes, current topic alignment, and parent collaboration, teachers can make remote learning fun and effective using Blooket games.

The platform’s versatility also enables creative applications like virtual game shows, asynchronous learning, and family game nights for remote environments.

As remote education evolves, expect Blooket to continue growing as a top supplemental tool for achieving learning objectives and connecting students outside the classroom.