Spooky and Thrilling Unblocked Games for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, which means it's the perfect time to get your scare on with some spooky unblocked games! Since it's October 31st, 2023, you may be looking for some thrilling games that aren't blocked by school or work firewalls. Look no further! In this article, I'll recommend some of the best scary unblocked games available on Unblocked Games 76 and other sites.

Spooky and Thrilling Unblocked Games for Halloween

​Slenderman Must Die

One of the creepiest unblocked games out there is Slenderman Must Die. This survival horror game is based on the iconic Slender Man mythos. You play as someone trapped in a dark forest where the ominous Slenderman lurks. Arm yourself with weapons and try to kill him before he catches you. With intense gameplay and jump scares galore, Slenderman Must Die is perfect for Halloween. Just don't play it alone in the dark!


If deranged grandmas terrify you, Granny is sure to make you shudder. In this suspenseful horror game, you've been locked in the house of a dangerous granny. You'll have to try escaping while avoiding Granny and her deadly traps. With each game lasting only 5 days, you'll need quick wits and reflexes to get out alive. Just watch out for Granny's pets, who are equally unfriendly! Granny provides heart-pounding scares you can enjoy at school or the office thanks to its unblocked status.

The House

For a more puzzle-oriented horror game, check out The House. In this atmospheric first-person game, you'll explore a dark house full of secrets and puzzles. You'll have to find keys, decode clues, and dodge shadows to uncover the house's history. With no jump scares, The House builds bone-chilling dread through its unsettling atmosphere and mysteries. Solve all the puzzles to escape the house - if you dare! With no gore or cheap tricks, The House provides streamlined terror perfect for unblocked play.

Eyes: The Horror Game

While many scary unblocked games focus on survival, Eyes: The Horror Game is all about hiding. In this multiplayer game, one player is the invisible monster hunting down the other players. As a human player, you'll need to hide around the creepy mansion to avoid getting caught by the monster. With each match only lasting a few minutes, Eyes delivers bite-sized scares and fast-paced gameplay. Team up with friends or go solo as you try to outwit the monster during this short but terrifying unblocked game.

Google Dinosaur Game

Sometimes you're in the mood for a less terrifying game, and Google knows just what you need. The classicGoogle Dinosaur Game delivers fun, accessible thrills with its simple gameplay. As a pixelated dinosaur, you'll run through a side-scrolling landscape, jumping over cacti and pterodactyls. With its cute graphics and fast pacing, this unblocked browser game is perfect for blowing off steam during school or work breaks. Get your prehistoric fix of Halloween fun!


Halloween is the ideal time to try out creepy unblocked games for some seasonal, spooky fun. Slenderman Must Die, Granny, The House, Eyes, and the Google Dinosaur Game provide chills and thrills you can enjoy anywhere thanks to their unblocked status. Just try not to get too scared while playing these freaky games! With puzzles, survival horror, multiplayer, and more, these games guarantee a Halloween full of screams and fun.